Should external tools be allowed?

  • Should it be okay for players to outsource expensive CPU operations (such as a building planner) and run them on their own system rather than having to utilize their own CPU resources to do so? Yes, it isn't burning server resources, but being able to save 10000 CPU by running it on an external building planner tool and exporting the results into your AI's memory seems like a huge advantage that a fully autonomous AI can't benefit from.

  • Sure why not, it's exactly like planning the buildings yourself except for the fact that you have to set up the whole toolchain and burning memory in the process.

    I think there are a lot of people who are doing far more than that already.
    That's what the auth keys are for. They wouldn't bother with all the endpoints if they detest the idea.
    It is also a win for server performance.

  • I guess that the big question is: how can you enforce it ?