Tombstones and new reaction cooldowns not in Steam server

  • The latest changes to the game, the tombstones and new reaction cooldowns, aren't available in the Steam dedicated server like they are available on the production environment.

    I used the dedicated Steam server for development and testing. It runs at a pace I can control, allows me to 'cheat' by editing the database from the CLI and in general have full control over it. However, with the dedicated Steam server and the production environment running on different server version my codebase has to either compensate for the change(ie, have a special getCooldownForReaction(resource) method containing a switch and I cannot use the tombstones.

    I am aware there is the PTR, but even then it would make my code unable to run on the Steam server and thus severely hamper my ability to develop and debug.

    Is there any update on when the Steam version will be updated?

  • Dev Team

    This update is published to npm version 2.13.0. It will be deployed to the Steam package on Monday, March 12.