Shard2 (and future) claimed corner rooms

  • Overlords

    I claimed a room through an intershard portal to shard2. Since then I've been building it up and am pretty happy with it but it has been quite a while and it's still a lone corner room around the portal.

    my shard2 room

    I've been waiting patiently for the rooms around it to become available with nothing happening.

    My big fear now is that those rooms are going to get blocked off in a newbie or worse a respawn zone leaving me stuck outside. If that happens I will lose the energy war and most likely the room.

    I have no opportunity to stop this from happening, whereas if a new newbie/respawn zone opened up on shard1/0 I would have a chance to reserve my rooms before it appeared.

    This is only a problem for us inter-shard travellers who appear in the far corners of the map.

    My solution to this would be to open up the rooms in the same quarter as a travellers claimed room after it has been claimed for X ticks or reached X RCL. I Would add the caveats that:

    • This only happens once per player per shard
    • Only players who have rooms on another shard can trigger it

    This would mean that I at least stood a chance against the respawn area players.

  • Could you solve this yourself by moving your base into another room?

    Bonus points if you do it by abandoning your room then claiming the next and building the spawn before your creeps all die

  • Overlords

    Its 20 Rooms to the nearest open space so I'd need to do that twice.

    This would make inter-shard play something that only players near the middle can do.