An Introduction to Ypsilon Pact

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    Ypsilon Pact

    The Ypsilon Pact is an alliance started in the beginning of 2017 to facilitate cooperation between players in the southern edges of Shard0. In the following six months, we grew at an exponential rate, quickly engulfing the South of the map. Affronted by our success, SUN declared war. While its war aims of extermination weren’t met, we suffered heavy losses and chose to try our fortunes in the New World. As the new shard opened, we hopped through the portal and left behind everything we knew and loved. Now we stand here by our new colony prepared to develop and defend it while aiming to maintain a well flowing gameplay on the rest of the shard.

    While we’re traditionally diplomatic in outlook, the war with SUN taught us much about the importance of a healthy appetite for saber rattling and we happily export this to the New World. With SUN we fought what is widely recognized as the most civilized conflict between major alliance in the history of this game, and to this day we maintain our commitment to remain civil in the face of adversity while expecting and encouraging those around us to do the same.

    To our members we are a like-minded community of friends helping each other play the game they want to play it. We strongly believe that organising ourselves as a polity means that we can specialize in the parts of the game we have the strongest passion for and that by acting united we can help shape the game and its story in a way that is entertaining, exciting, and fulfilling to everyone involved.

    Signed by: CAYP and The Senate of Ypsilon Pact

    Contact Information

    Slack Channel: #ypsilonpact-public

    Diplomatic Contacts: Yilmas or DoctorPC

    Recruitment: Yilmas