Can't view room

  • Room W4N3 doesn't show up when I click on it from the world map (though I can see its structure in the world map and the region map). I'm in the process of selecting my first spawn location; I don't know if it affects players with existing spawns. I can view all the nearby rooms. This room has no sources, but there are others like that which I can view. This room is the only one connected to W4N2, and the player there has built walls all along his exit; maybe that's the cause?

  • Now that I've placed my first spawn, I understand that the walls along the exit are placed by the game when you spawn, so this probably isn't related to the bug. I still cannot view room W4N3. Whether I click on it from the world map or the regional (3x3) map, it simply fails to load and the area where the main room view should appear remains blank.

  • I found another one that I can't view: E9S4

  • More info: as soon as I own anything in the room (even a flag), it becomes visible as normal. As soon as I don't own anything in the room, the room map disappears. Other rooms don't behave this way; is this an intended effect in some rooms? If so, is there a Room property that can distinguish this?