creep.shout("message") command

  • I had devised an elaborate battle-song system, before I learned that say is only seen by creep owner.
    Requesting a new command - creep.shout(); This would work as "say", but message could be seen by anyone.
    My creeps fight only at half power, when they can't talk to the enemies, shout command is a necessity.

    Shout could also be used as a communication between players - you could send envoys, offering peace, demand tribute or whatever.

    Thank you,

  • I like your creativity!!!

    I would vote for some kind of battle cry command that has some pre-defined messages. Leaving the message as a free to type text will unfortunately end in trolling attackers with the most foul language.

  • shameless self-bump

  • I thought of the same idea, it could be used when creeps want to say, "I'm full", "Carrying energy to storage", "Anyone come carry this energy", "We are under attack", "Please welcome a new creep to our team". Anyway, let's say we don't want to troll other players, those bubles won't be displayed to others, so this feature would be cool to see what is going on in your room. It makkes it more living.