Remove memory watch

  • The remove memory watch isn't working anymore for me (Firefox 38.0.5).

  • I have this issue as well, is there a solution or workaround found for this?

  • Did anyone found a fix for this?

    I have the same problem. In the steam client or in chromium it is working fine.

    Firefox 49.0 on Xubuntu 16.04

  • The remove memory watch isn't working because the memory doesn't exist anymore. You should create the memory object and then remove the watch. I think you could also clear the localstorage in your browser since the memory watches are saved locally.

  • It does not matter if that object exists or not, I already tried to delete my local storage with the mozilla dev tools. But it does not fix it.

    I can add new ones, but never delete old ones, unless i clear local storage.