Dear GrandonBroseph

  • Will you accept a truce and peaceably share the resources in W9N4 so that we can both stop wasting energy on this pointless hostility? I had no desire to interfere with you.

  • Yikes, I honestly just saw this right after my raid on one of your rooms. I would gladly accept a truce, yet I'm concerned about the occupation of W9N5, as this is my only gateway to continue my assault on Aurel.

    I won't attack your creeps in rooms W9N4 and W9N5 any longer (provided you do the same), but if you erect obstructions in any of these two rooms, I may decide to carve through them should I decide to continue attacking said user.

    This again shows that implementing "Send message" asap would be a huge help >_<

  • I totally agree, a simple form of PM should be implemented asap

  • One could technically send creeps to the room of the message recipient and have them form letters and words, in the manner of the dear leader displays in the democratic people's republics:p

  • @GrandonBroseph, sounds good. I may need to make some program adjustments to allow you safe passage through W9N5. Maybe we should request a feature to whilelist another player to pass your ramparts.

  • @ZorzZ: ...Meanwhile, I'd appreciate it if W9N5 stopped sending attackers to W9N4. I have no plans of blocking access to said room from your base up north 😛

  • Is it sending dudes down there that are attacking you? Right now I just see one lost guy that's supposed to be killing keepers, I don't know how he wandered down there but he shouldn't bother you. Sorry, I haven't had much time to pay attention since the weekend.

  • From what I can see, W9N5 was sending your ranged attacker creeps to both W9N4 and W8N4; I'm guessing it has something to do with your script having an allergic reaction to non-keeper lair hostile structures in a room.

  • I think in W9N4 it was that they just happened to be passing through, and got upset when they saw your stuff in there. I believe I now have it set to ignore your creeps and structures in W9N4. Please do maintain your controller there, to avoid a newbie walling it off.

    If you will stop killing my spawns in W8N3, I will add it to the list, to allow you safe passage through there.