Allow placing the first spawn programmatically

  • When starting to play, the game requires me to place my first spawn manually. I'd like to be able to write a script that chooses the best room and the best position in that room and puts the first spawn at that position.

  • That would require programmatic access to all the rooms as well. Currently you have programmatic access to rooms that have your structures or creeps in it.
    You could write a GreaseMonkey userscript to achieve what you want - however, I am not sure, how will you be able to define the "best room" to that script, since there are more considerations than just amount of available energy sources, absence or existence of Source Keepers, etc. You might start in the perfect room, then find out that all its neighbours are totally useless, or spawn in a position that is blocked by other players, giving you no room for expansion.

  • Yes, access to all rooms is implied in this request.

    As for choosing the "best" room - yes, it's probably impossible to choose objectively the best room, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. It's rather difficult to come up with the best possible strategy for many things in this game.

  • FWIW.  I would also like to be able to place the spawn programmatically (after I manually selected the room).

    January *2015*, I see... ah well, already resurrected the thread 😕