Update on Power Creeps Release

  • AYCE

    Just wondering about the ETA of the Power Creep Update. Any word on that?



  • The lack of news is almost concerning, but let me take some of my observations and see if you want draw your own conclusions.


    Just over 2 weeks ago the world perimeter increased and we've had 12 rooms in that new space come online.

    Also 2 weeks ago there was a successful post about Screeps on Y Combinator. Currently our tick rates are creep to 4.25s so any new players and the expansion of the new haven't seriously impacted the service.

    It has been one month since the PixiJS announcement went up on Twitter.

    6 weeks ago the hiring post went up.


    As well the first financial quarter has just ended and for most businesses that means a lot of work (US Taxes etc) and planning to meet investor goals for the year.

    There's definitely a lot going on for Screeps that is probably dividing the devs' attention at the moment. I hope that the radio silence is a good thing!