Console Command to spawn creep does not apply memory options

  • When I utilize Game.spawn.spawn1.createCreep([MOVE],'Creep1',{ test: 'memory'}); in the console, the memory options at the end of the method argument don't apply at all. They apply if a module starts the spawning process. but won't when a console command does it.


  • same problem here, memory of creeps created from code(not manually console) is always empty. it can be fixed by
    var screep = Game.spawn.spawn1.createCreep([MOVE],'Creep1',{ test: 'memory'});
    Game.creeps[screep].memory.test = 'memory';

  • So, I was messing with this and have some more information:

    As before if you declare:
    Game.spawns.Spawn1.createCree([WORK],'Name',{ role: 'harvester', test : 'test1'});
    it works fine in the script but does not apply properties in the console.

    Instead, if you declare:
    Game.spawns.Spawn1.createCree([WORK],'Name',{ 'role': 'harvester', 'test' : 'test1'});
    with the extra quotations around the role and test object names, it all works correctly.

    If any one tests this, please verify that it's not just my code.