Pricing model issues

  • Once you have scripts set up this style of game is very passive. There isnt a large amount of user intervention, just tweaking. And that tweaking is just as likely to occur where someone is writing their scripts offline and looking at references than being in-game and playing.

    Thus you're not justified in a subscription rate of 10$ a month. Somewhere between 1$ and 2.50$ would be fair.

    On top of that it appears you charge people based on the limit they set AND NOT EVEN THEIR ACTUAL USE. So you are on the same level of business tactics as crappy cell phone companies and 'minute' allotments.

    The game is already Niche enough. It will be hard to have a sustainable playerbase to cover costs and make this profitable to run as a job. Decisions that alienate part of your already small target audience will end up utterly killing it.

  • I partly agree. 2.50$ - 5$ for a monthly CPU limit of 100 seems fine for me. I already suggest using the actual use instead of the limit, but there has been no feedback on this topic. I also suggested a freemium model (which it "kind of" is now, if you are fine playing on 20CPU) with a free base tier, but this has been clearly decline by the developers.