Abusive players

  • Why don't you just claim the room controller?

  • Easy fix, you only get newbie walls when you are defeated. Not for voluntary respawn.

    Easier fix, you only get newbie walls ONCE and then never again. After your first respawn you're not a newbie. Deal with it.

  • Perhaps the game could prevent you from spawning in the same section of the world as you previously spawned?

  • Devs replied that they took action against this player.

    Yesterday my room was cleared (buildings destroyed, creeps killed) by the support team as response to a player's request. Moreover, I cannot play the game because the respawn feature is not available. So if you can live with stamp of sneaker just send a message to the support team and all your problems will be eliminated.

  • Actium, you know what you did! That was harrasment! You did respawn several times just to create soldiers and attack. To then, when losing the room spawn, respawn again to do the same. Somethimes you didn't even waited for the troops arrive on your room, you did respawn before that. Just to keep attacking, loose your spawn on a counterattack and respawn to do it again. Somethimes spawning on different rooms to cut room connections, etc... So, do not play the angel boy here!!

  • Wow, I did not know that spawning creeps for attacking adjacent rooms is prohibited. OK, fixed 🙂

  • Spawning creeps to attack adjacent rooms is not prohibited. What you did was something a bit different... You attacked several times and I counterattacked destroing your spawn (man, I even destroyed both your rooms!) to then you respawn just after that and attack again. Just waiting for the player protection go (somethimes you didn't even waited, just went straight build soldiers!!), and attack (most of resources you got on room to spawn soldier to attack) > loose your spawn on a counterattack > respawn > do again! Respawned like... more than 10 times?! On like 3 different rooms, close to me?? Knowing that I even coded to attack you right after the player protection went off (and prevent further damages). But that was not guaranteed because you could spawn on other room (and did)!

  • Both of my single room? OK, fixed too 🙂

  • We are aware of the respawn abuse problem and now we are considering different options of new game mechanics that can help solve it.

  • Just an idea. But implementation of a time based account suspension system might be appropriate here