Portal bug?

  • SUN

    I get this error serially when my courier creep passes througt portal:

    [16:10:19]TypeError: Cannot read property '-999' of undefined
        at Grid.getNodeAt (/opt/PathFinding.js/src/core/Grid.js:77:25)
        at DijkstraFinder.AStarFinder.findPath (/opt/PathFinding.js/src/finders/AStarFinder.js:59:37)
        at Room.findPath (/opt/engine/dist/game/rooms.js:450:55)
        at RoomPosition.findClosest (/opt/engine/dist/game/rooms.js:722:25)
        at RoomPosition.findPathTo (/opt/engine/dist/game/rooms.js:672:23)
        at Creep.moveTo (/opt/engine/dist/game/creeps.js:137:25)
        at _move (proto_creep:64:18)
        at _execute (proto_courier:61:22)
        at doLive (_GOD:15:47)

  • A have another problem. My creeps don't arrive in the target room, but instead the Error code returned is

    [16:10:19] [Module CreepActions] an error occured: -998 ERR_CREEP_DESINTEGRATED

  • offtop: how to make portal? i can't find articles about it... I don't build 8lvl controller, but in simulation i can't find portal in interface.

  • SUN

    @abnessor: portal===exit. It is a triangle that teleports a creep to another room. There's no way to make a new portal.