Storage in un-owned rooms is broken


    I had to abandon this room temporarily, but found my links and storage still working normally. Cool! We e-mailed you about it, and haven't heard back yet.

    I guess that wasn't your intension, because today something happened and links now can't call transferEnergy if they're in a room you don't control (fine, that was overpowered and probably a bug). Storage, on the other hand, is simply broken. It displays and reports 0 energy ( = 0.).

    So, did I just lose 1mil backup energy, or will it be there when I come back to claim the room? (Which I am doing now, was waiting for my next GCL.)

    Why not just restrict transferEnergy for storage in on-owned rooms?


  • Retook the room and storage is still broken. My next hope is that raising RCL back up to 4 will fix storage and links.

  • Looks like it's been fixed and none of the energy that was in it was lost. Creeps can withdraw from the storage but can't deposit into it. That seems fair.

  • IMHO, a Storage structure should work normally for all players, not just the owner in all circumstances.

    If a player abandons or is killed off in a room, the structures containing energy should be available to take by either the new player or the old owner.

    If you reclaim the room, then it should go back to everything working.


  • Holy necro-post. Is this still the case?