Make guarded sources "high yield"

  • Atm only very few people harvest the resources from the inner rooms, because the guardians + the computational+logistical effort are not justifying it. These sources instead should be "high yield", e.g. 6000/300 or 3000/100 or something similar. Or it could be some weaker version of the power sources.

    This would spark some conflict potential over these rooms (while atm pretty much everybody just ignores them) making the game more dynamic.

  • It's a bit weird, but for the players who have the ability to harvest the 9 rooms area at the middle, the cap is actually on CPU. It's a lot more cpu to get the source keeper rooms comparing to normal source (combat creep + necessity for some pathfinding to move it around instead of fixed path + having to move the miner back and forth etc.)

  • I think chris hit the nail on the head. The fact remains no one deems the inner rooms to be worth the trouble. Which means they need to either be easier to attain or more lucrative. I don't think making them easier is nearly as much fun so a high yield idea seems worth the exploration.

    Cpu cap is something we are all worried about but if you can get more from a single room then several rooms it should balance out depending on how good your code is.

  • I would like to see a power source in the center, that is, every 10k ticks, the spawn source to say, 25k power (no damage kickback). Holding a room constantly is difficult with the current creep mechanics, a battle every 10k ticks seems more interesting. This way there's value to both rooms near the edge and near the center of a sector, and another avenue to fight.