Game.cpu returns wrong limit

  • At the moment I run on the old subscription model.

    Game.cpu however returns the CPU limit according to the "new" Model. The actual calculations are done correctly - bucket and tickLimit work as intended.


    Cpu limit set to 26.

    Game.cpu returns limit 120 (which would be correct for the new model).


    Game.cpu returning limit 26.


    This might not be top priority, but as I have > 4Months left, I might run on the old subscription model a little longer and thus would like to see correct numbers to be able to calculate my average cpu usage which atm is hardcoded... 😉


  • Dev Team

    Game.cpu.limit will always return a value according to the GCL. There is no technical possibility at the moment to retrieve your custom account CPU limit from the API. 

  • I don't get it why all the other calculations are done correctly then...