Strange Reactions constant

  • I wonder if anyone of you is already working actively with the REACTION constant? I found it somehow useless and built my own, which looks like following:

    const REACTION_CHAIN = {
    G : {needs:["ZK","UL"],reacts:["GO","GH"]},
    GO : {needs:[ "G","O" ],reacts:["GHO2"]},
    GH : {needs:[ "G","H" ],reacts:["GH2O"]},
    GH2O: {needs:["GH","OH"],reacts:["XGH2O"]},
    GHO2: {needs:["GO","OH"],reacts:["XGHO2"]},
    OH : {needs:["O","H"],reacts:["UH2O","UHO2","ZH2O","ZHO2","KH2O","KHO2","LH2O","LHO2","GH2O","GHO2"]},

    This is an improvement in two ways: 1) You can specify the compound you need and easily determine the chain of needed reactions and the according reagents. 2) It is less verbose than the current one.

    I wonder if you think alike, that the existing reaction object is not very useful? Perhaps - if not many people use the REACTION constant at the moment - we can ask the devs to change it in a way similar to the one above

  • Dev Team

    REACTIONS constant is used by the game engine. It’s up to you whether to use it or not in your own scripts.