Inconsistent isActive() checks (re-claimed rooms)

  • Hey, I found a bug.  Seems like there's inconsistency in several areas of the code. I believe it has to do with this latest patch:


    To sum it up - Active structures are determined by range to the controller. But ties aren't broken consistently.  Extensions (and other structures probably) in re-claimed rooms are messed up.  I'm getting 4 different sets of information.

    1. Visual - Some extensions look normal, some are red (duh).

    2. Structure.isActive() - One of the red extensions returns TRUE. One of the normal extensions returns FALSE.

    3. Room.energyAvailable - The number agrees with what I see visually (not from isActive() )

    4. Spawn.createCreep() - This will pull energy from extensions that are visually (#1) marked as active, rather than checking isActive().


    What causes the issue?

    I think isActive() is based on range to the controller. Ties aren't resolved consistently.


    Why is this an issue? 

    When I'm re-claiming a room, I inherit the extensions. To keep my extension fillers focused, I filter the extensions based in isActive().... So yeah, the room never fills up, and my spawn process gets choked up.


    How'd I resolve it?

    Well, on my end - I kept deleting extensions until the problematic extensions were on a path frequented often, so they got filled up in passing.  Not totally ideal.


    Thanks! Hopefully someone better at this than me can take a look!



    p.s. I started deleting extensions soon after this:!/history/W59N46?t=19734400

    Currently marked normal, but isActive() == false: 5927f47427ccaf9c36aae085

    Currently marked red,but isActive() == true: 5925da43966ccf98054823e9