Market Credits?

  • Awesome game, but I am a bit confused after the market release. After purchasing the game, they implemented the Market, which uses market credits of which I have 0.00.

    In order to make any more credits I need credits to place an order on the market.

    But I have none.

    So then, the question becomes, how do I get market credits, if it isn't included in the cost of purchase? (in order to use the market)

    The only other option of purchase I see is a token, but I assume I need credits to list such a token in the fist place, if that is how I wanted to earn market credits.


    Thanks in advance

  • Note that if you deal with an existing order, you are not charged the 5% fee. You are charged with the transfer cost in energy, though.

    So to get your initial credits, you need to deal with existing buy orders. There are NPC buy orders for all basic minerals (find one close to you by the market interface), and use these to get some credits easily.

  • Aha thank you, that makes a bit more sense, I must have not used the right function.


    I know there is there is,amount,room), and  terminal.send(resource,amount,room,id)


    Do these do essentially the same thing provided the transaction ID is the same?

  • No, you have to use The last argument of terminal.send is not an id, but a text description.