Odd RCL Limiting Behavior

  • I ran into a situation where there were 2 spawn construction sites in a room, and the room downgraded to level 6 while I building one of them.  This lowered the limit of spawns constructed from 2 to 1.  It seems like one of the sites was chosen arbitrarily as the "First" and the other one was not allowed to be built.  

    The symptom of this is that I got the ERR_RCL_NOT_ENOUGH return from creep.build when there were no spawns actually built in the room.  It would be preferable if either construction site could have been completed.

  • I've had the same "error" when I had half-built extensions in a room and then reclaimed it.  While I agree that it's a pain to code your creep.build() around, I think it's a fair implementation and the solution is "don't put yourself in that situation."

    Also for what it's worth (though it's not always consistent), the spawn/construction site/whatever closest to the controller is the "correct" one according to the game.



  • I'm not super concerned about this, as it is an unusual situation.  I am generally a lurker, but just wanted to post my experience here as an opportunity to make things work more intuitively to the uninitiated (thanks for the heads up about distance to controller!)  I don't think the current behavior is anyone's first guess as to how things would work.  Given the rarity though, I understand that there are many more urgent things for developers to work on.

    I will say, I'm not sure how I feel about broadly applying the "don't put yourself in that situation" perspective.  My situation was rebuilding a fallen ally's base.  In an ideal world, I would never have to be rebuilding a friend's destroyed base as it downgrades.  I would certainly like for that to never come up again!  But it's a rainy day scenario, and despite everyone's best efforts to live, sometimes we will have to recover from the worst.