Extension Building impossible to finish

  • My creeps try to continue building a extension in SIM. It's "Progress: 2995 / 3000" and returning "OK", so the creeps keep trying. But it is impossible to complete the building.

    As there is no indication to the creeps that it's not working. So my creeps get stuck there and try again... without any success.

  • I've had this occur in my SIM room as well. Creep.build() returns 0, no actual building is done(carry[ENERGY] won't decrease either) and the whole thing locks up. I noticed that if I build a container it places 2 construction sites. The count goes down by 2 and IF the container finishes I can still see the second construction site. I restarted several times, tried 2 different browsers(and the Steam client) and the lock ups happen at different moments, sometimes it finishes other times it won't.

  • In my case there was no client-error with multiple building sites. The command "Game.rooms["sim"].lookForAt(FIND_CONSTRUCTION_SITES,24,27)" (the point where i have build that construction site) returned only 1 construction site too. It was also the first extension getting build, so there was no "hidden" finished building site.

  • I have the same problem. The creeps just refuse to build and just stand there until they die. Same thing happened once when I was building a tower. But building roads works fine. 

    Is this also happening online in the "world"? Or is this only in simulation room? Still new to this game so haven't tested that yet.

  • Same for me in a private server 😞