Incorrect energyAvailable and energyCapacityAvailable

  • Hi devs,

    Around tickĀ 15082660, in room W59S31, I was getting incorrect Game.rooms['W59S31'].energyAvailable and .energyCapacityAvailable numbers.

    Presumably this is because I had a single spawn in the room, and there were quite a few non-owned extensions in the room from when my friend Calame un-claimed the room and let me claim it.

    Of course, with incorrect results for these two fields, none of my spawning logic was working.

    I would expect that if an extension or whatever is not .isActive() then it shouldn't be calculated into the Room's energy*Available numbers.


  • PS: I worked around this by destroying all the extensions. Which was sub-optimal as I was leaving the energy in them for later use, but oh well.

  • One additional piece of information:

    You are prevented from building your initial five extensions until such a time as you have destroyed/removed all the "hostile" extensions as well.