Error: Could not load terrain data (Private Server)

  • Error: Could not load terrain data
    at Error (native)
    at (E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Screeps\server\node_modules\@screeps\driver\lib\path-finder.js:137:19)
    at (evalmachine.<anonymous>:1:72)
    at Object.module.exports.loop (main:7:46)
    at __mainLoop:1:52
    at sigintHandlersWrap (vm.js:32:31)
    at sigintHandlersWrap (vm.js:96:12)

    I'm attempting to path around walls. Example of what I'm trying to do in sim/survival. I haven't been able to pin down an exact cause. 

    I'm calling 

    var wallPath =[i][0] ,arrayOfPointPairs[i][1], {maxRooms: 1, roomCallback:function(){return matrix}});


    The costmatrix is created by making a distancetransform and adjacency matrix of the entire room, and setting any points within range 1 of the exits to 255. I'm calling getTerrainAt a lot, so I can't narrow it down much more.


    Windows, private server-client. I've deleted the server database both via CLI and manually, I've also force-updated the map terrain cache.