roleFixer not defined

  • I'm trying to make a creep to go around repairing structures, and I'm having this issue:


    I create a module


    which has this:

    var roleFixer = {

    /** @param {Creep} creep **/
    run: function(creep) {

    //code to fix things

    module.exports = roleFixer;


    When I put the following in my main:


    if(creep.memory.role == 'fixer') {;

    I get this error:


    ReferenceError: roleFixer is not defined
    at Object.module.exports.loop (main:59:13)
    at __mainLoop:1:52


    What am I doing wrong? The role.fixer module looks the same as my other roles, so I can't figure out why it's not 'defined'.

  • you seem to be missing your module importation in main.

    var roleFixer = require('role.fixer');

  • Thanks, yeah, I was missing that 'require' at the beginning of the main.