Link "Report a problem" is broken!

  • 1 ) In Steam client, press on button (in left menu) "Report a problem", which opens the link:


    2 ) In the game, open Shard3 W30N50, then click on the portal to Shard2, then click on any other room in minimap ("World map" in right menu) - a room from Shard3 will open, although it should be Shard2.

    3 ) Why do my creeps (Shard1 W32N49) have a list of decorations from old owner of the room (in right menu)? It looks like this is a bug (I don't have any decorations).


    4 ) Shard0 W60N70 portals to Shard0 W40N70, but this room is not available.

    5 ) API - posible return empty object, but in documentation say: "Returns an array".

    6 ) If spawnCreep() called without "direction" parameters, the wrong direction is shown to the user: "Directions: ⬆". Although there should be 8 arrows!

    7 ) When opening a room, if the room takes a long time to load, and then when you try to switch the "Script" and "Console" panels, they often switch back and forth endlessly.

    8 ) Hints for buttons: "Save", "Reload", "Cancel changes", also code/console autocompletion often do not turn off (for example, when switching panels "Script", "Console", "Memory"), and remain "hanging in the air".

    9 ) API - posible return order with zero "amount": { "created": 47736653, "createdTimestamp": 1682718333537, "type": "sell", "amount": 0, "remainingAmount": 0, "resourceType": "power", "price": 379.562, "roomName": "W60S50", "id": "644c3e7d2387a3626fbab291" }

    10 ) createConstructionSite(25, 25, STRUCTURE_EXTENSION) can be created in the position where Creep is currently standing

    11 ) On the page "!/overview/shard0/E1N67" The background image with the terrain is not loaded, because it has the wrong link: Although it should be:

    P.S. Can I use Russian language in this forum category (and "Feature Requests"), because my English is very bad?