Create structure wall -7 near exit

  • Got a weird (but minor) issue here... on Shard2 room W1N56, I can't seem to create a wall in code at positions (32,48), (34,48), or (42,48). The error code being returned is -7, ERR_INVALID_TARGET, The structure cannot be placed at the specified location.

    Game.rooms.W1N56.createConstructionSite(32, 48, STRUCTURE_WALL) or Game.rooms.W1N56.createConstructionSite(new RoomPosition(32, 48, 'W1N56'), STRUCTURE_WALL)

    By the rules of all other rooms I've seen, I should be able to place a wall in these spots. They are range 2 from any exit. I can actually do so using the UI build menu, but can't do it via code/script. I've placed them by hand for now but thought the devs may wanna know, as something seems amiss behind the scenes.