Any way to respawn back into a set room without losing structures?

  • Longshot, but thought I'd ask. I didn't die by invader or player, just got really busy the last couple months and forgot to login. I was a paying player for a couple years in the early days, but eventually reduced my empire back to my OG starting room and went to 10cpu. Haven't really had the time for active play, but enjoyed keeping a room running as a little screeps ant farm.

    Just been there in Shard0 W63S14 mining and selling O and H and slowly building my walls up and just... existing.

    The only option I see when logging in is to give up ownership of my structures and respawn somehwere else, so I haven't done that. I doubt it's possible, but was hoping I could just reclaim my room and get going again, as all it would take is 1 spawn and it'd be rolling again.