Error during loading: only nw.js window appears

  • Hello,

    I've buyed and downloaded screeps from steam a long time ago(more than 1 year at least). I unisntalled and forgot about it but I want to try again. But after downloading it, the game cannot start: I've the nw.js window and the following message in the debug file :

    [0411/] Settings version is not 1

    I've uninstalled, cleaned all the screeps directories and reinstalled, but still cannot work. I've also removed screeps from regedit, but no luck.

    I believe the first install of screeps let something on the hard drive which is incompatible with the actual version of nm.js. Is there a cache directory for nw.js I can erase to fix it (Windows) ?

    Thanks for your help.


  • The nw.js window

    0_1649784619532_Capture d’écran 2022-04-12 192828.png