Claiming and source reset mechanics question

  • Question 1:

    The wiki says that an unowned room resets a source for 1500 energy every 300 ticks. However this is doubled to 3000 if the room is claimed.

    I know how to build claim creeps and claim rooms, at least command wise anyway. (a costly endeavour).

    My question is how the precise mechanics of this works. For instance is it possible to make sure the room is claimed at the point that it is about to reset to 3000 energy and not claim it the rest of the time (use one claimer to move around and claim 10 rooms for a short amount of time during upcoming reset, then mine the 3000 rooms out at your leisure until the next reset?)

    Or does the room switching back to unclaimed, do some kind of calculation to kill some of its stored 3000 energy on the fly? What is the precise mechanism used here?

    Question 2:

    Can you claim a room with just one claim part every tick. Or will your 1 tick 'claim' wear off before miners can mine. Do you have to have 2 claim parts to make this work or an initial double claim on the first tick?

  • To answer this question myself, after some chatting:

    As long as a room is claimed or reserved at time of reset, it will reset to full 3000. If claim or reserve is lost at any point will be set to Math.min(currentEnergy, 1500).

    I have done extensive math (and some discussions) and the idea of claiming multiple rooms just enough to make gains from this knowledge is not really feasible. Mostly owed to the average distance between rooms of 50, the mining time needed even with big miners and the cumulative reserve need for every additional room you do like this, not to mention the ridiculous uninterruptable timings needed to pull it off and short lifespan on a claim creep.

    Put simply, no configuration like this came out any more profitable than just straight up claiming.