Unable to join the Screeps discord.

  • Every time I join the Screeps discord I'm kicked less than a second later. I've tried joining through the invite on the Screeps homepage as well as through the public server browser. Does the server have some hidden account requirements that my account is somehow not meeting?

    I tried to message the moderators of the discord but they all have their DMs set to private sooo, here I am. Any help would be appreciated since discussion is effectively dead here and in the Slack server.

    Cheers, Tricky

  • Hi @TrickyMouse

    If your discord account is new and fresh, there is bot called warship present that has some antiraid prevention, it looks like your user is so new that the account age flags it.

    You can try and wait untill your discord account is older and then join the server again. I have contacted the other moderators about your issue.

  • That makes sense, thanks, I created the account specifically to join the Screeps discord so it's super new. I'd been around on it before but I deleted my old account a while back, guess that was a mistake! 😅

    Any ideas how old the account needs to be to join?