GeneratePixel() contextual information is out of date

  • Which shard is affected?


    What happened?

    When writing the Game.cpu.generatePixel() method using the in-game editor, the tooltip displays the following:

    Generate 1 pixel resource unit for 5000 CPU from your bucket.

    What should have happened?

    I believe the correct tooltip due to recent changes is

    Generate 1 pixel resource unit for 10000 CPU from your bucket.

    Attempting to generate a pixel resource unit with between 5000 and 9999 CPU in the bucket returns -6, ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_RESOURCES

    How can we reproduce this?

    1. Open the in-game script editor
    2. On any line, begin typing sufficient portion of the function call Game.cpu.generatePixel() to prompt the contextual information tooltip.
    3. The information should be displayed as written in that window.