inconsistent STRUCTURE_WALL object returned repeatedly

  • targets=Game.rooms[xroom].find(FIND_STRUCTURES, {filter: {structureType: STRUCTURE_WALL}});

    Sometimes, the key/value pair for hits is not included in the object returned.


    [10:23:02 PM][shard3]6091683b24e3167444cb0db4:100001

    [10:23:02 PM][shard3]6091683eae27db4155ac302e:100001

    [10:23:02 PM][shard3]609ab7c76988d8375e4595b6:undefined

    [10:23:02 PM][shard3]609ab7c76988d8375e4595b7:undefined

  • the hits property is undefined for walls that are 'invincible' aka server-op placed. These are commonly placed around respawn/new-spawn zones to divide the outside MMO and the inside zone for a time before they are removed (when the time for the zone elapses) they've also been used to block portals in a similar fashion when new shards were introduced.

    Docs wise, should say in the description details as well.