Thank you for this game.

  • I just wanted to thank the creators, and players, for this amazing game. During a tough time in my life this has given me something to look forward to each day, and the ability to end the day having learned something and feeling I've bettered myself, this feeling can go a long way. Sadly during depressing times its hard to force myself to take on learning something new when it just feels like "work". This game is the entire opposite, It makes it truly fun to be learning.

    And the hope that on day my skills learned in this game might be far enough along to help me create something of my own, or at least have the chance at a simple web development job here and there, brings even more satisfaction. I dont know if will ever attain the level of skill needed, but I now enjoy trying, and this game brings me that thing that I recently have gone without. HOPE!

    I truly hope that the player base can keep growing, as of now I feel like a small fish in an ocean of giants, this is not a bad thing as it gives me something to work toward, but I do hope to be able to meet more new players that are on my level, just beginning to learn.

    Thank you to everyone that plays, please introduce this to your friends and at least get them to the point where they can chug along on their own, and please give it a review on steam so possible new players can have a chance to actually know this game exists, it was just by luck that I stumbled upon it on steam, but the more reviews it gets the higher the chance rises that it will be stumbled upon by people like me. I know there are thousands more out there, that simply dont know this exists. Yet.

    So thank you to the developer, and the players, from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful game that gives me a reason to wake up smiling and go to bed smiling. It's been a long time since I have been able to do that.

    Stay safe and have happy holidays and a good new years. 2021 will be the year I go from javascript noob, to javascript junky! -Cogtortion


  • It's an excellent game!

    I think with Seasonals, Arena and now Discord the game will grow well.