Can't Recreate Power Creeps Examples in MMO through GUI

  • I'm looking at players that already have power creeps in the world for inspiration on how to design my own and am finding configurations that don't seem possible (at least if designing through the power creep upgrade GUI).

    The simplest example is the level 2 factory power creep. In the GUI you need to be AT the level listed for that power creep in order to train that level. So OPERATE_FACTORY (OF) with 0/2/7/14/22 can do the following:

    1. Level 0 Power creep takes OF. Making it level 1 Power creep with the OF power at level 1
    2. It needs to be level 2 before it can take the OF again, so it has to take another power bringing it to level 2
    3. Now at Power creep level 2, can take OF again to get OP to level 2 as quickly as possible

    But the screenshot flies in the face of this. You can delete a creep which gets rid of everything but not a single power. This is true through the console with .upgrade(power) and through the GUI. What am I missing here?

    If this is expected behavior, how do I spend 3 GPL (1 on creation and 2 on PWR_OPERATE_FACTORY) to replicate this? I can't seem to do this via GUI or console commands.


    The leftmost example is in!/room/shard2/E48S11 and the rightmost is in!/room/shard2/E49S31

    The second example seems to have 4 different lvl22 powers while still being only lvl22 itself. Again very useful, I'd like to know how to do it myself if legit.