• no screenshots, but I just watched my creep have unexpected fatigue...

    40 body parts: tough, move, heal, RangedAttack with the last 5 parts being MMMMH. It was at this point in battle vs Invaders that I noticed a sudden 22 fatigue after a move from/to plains.

    I would expect a fatigue of 2 (Heal) and move of 8 (4x Move) that the fatigue gauge would show 0, not 22. My creep did skip movement and the UI did reduce the fatigue counter, per turn.

    I have noticed other oddities with movement and fatigue, but this one was severe.

    If body parts are shot off, do I get charged for them anyway? Seems like a bug.

  • The body parts aren't "shot off" they're just damaged into an unusable condition. You still have to drag the damaged parts around.

    This is evidenced by the fact that you can just fix them into full recovery. If they were literally gone, they would still be gone.

    But I expect the real reason is to just prevent you from slapping a M as the last part for a perpetual, max speed "Get out of Dodge" mode after the rest is too damaged to be used. Instead, that creep, even if any of the final part is partially intact, will only be able to slowly drag itself to freedom. Or perish in the attempt.

  • @smokeman Thank you, not a bug! I will rethink my body designs.