movement speed - from odd no. of parts

  • So the documentation states, due to rounding that ATTACK,ATTACK,ATTACK,MOVE,MOVE will move at 1sq per 2 ticks due to round, makes sense because 1.5 rounds to 2. what about when its less that 1.5 like 1.33 etc. eg:

    7 work, 3 move on a road. which i think comes out as 1.1666

  • most parts add 1 fatigue times terrain multiplier (road = 1, plain = 2, swamp = 10). Each MOVE cures 2 fatigue per tick.

    Look at the Creep section of the API docs for exceptions such as empty vs full CARRY.

  • Your calculations are correct, but the time is always rounded up to the next larger whole number. It's more like the ceil() function than rounding. So your creep would be able to move every 2 ticks.

  • thankyou. that helps. so i'd need 4 move for 7 parts. also does a swamp with a road just become normal road speed ? it seems to. So goes from 10 to 1.

  • roads are always 1... walls, swamps, and plains