Standalone server no longer has an issue with Python 3 dependency (PR#124 - change to README reflects this)

  • While setting up my own private server via the github files, I noticed that it said Python 2 was to be used due to an issue with node-gyp and then found that Python 2 support had stopped earlier this year. Decided to do some digging and found that this compatibility issue was fixed in late 2019, with an official documentation change reflecting it on 10-3-19. Also submitted pull request #124 for this to be reflected in the screeps standalone server repo readme as well. I also found that while installing node.js, I clicked the option to install dependencies and found it had it installed Python 3 as well as the build tools needed, so I updated the pre-reqs to note that all that really needs to be done is install node.js and the rest sorts itself out.


    Just wanted to share what I learned, so others don't have to go through the same confusion I did! 🙂

    edit: words are hard sometimes lol