is dismantle useful ?

  • so it seemed a good idea, to dismantle structures I no longer needed; get the energy back, minimizing waste. However, it doesn't seem to be an effective way to get energy. 50% of repair means 1 energy for every 200hit points.

    Is this useless ? how do others use it ?

  • I just have a creep strap the building up with C4, then film it as it slow-mo walks away pushing the button on the detonator, Micheal Bay style.

    It's too much work to dismantle your own buildings. That's more of an attack move to destroy enemy ramparts and constructed walls.

  • A creep can use 4 work parts to get one energy/tick while dismantling, or 1 work part for two energ/tick harvesting a source.

    Dismantling is not really worth while from an energy perspective.

  • yeah thats what it seems, but as an attack function, surely it does less damage than attack(), using attack body parts ? So i still don't see how it is useful really.

    Other than to remove roads in a room you don't own maybe, but use for mining.

  • It does more damage than attack. Dismantle is 50 damage per body part per tick, and attack is 30 damage per body part per tick.


  • Ohhhh. Interesting

  • dismantle only works on buildings. So

    Attack with work parts - your main focus is in dismantling buildings. You only care about opposing creeps if they try to stop you.

    Defend with attack parts.