A strange request for help.

  • Everyone can check out the notebook and let me know what they think. Again, I’m looking for anything that might help identify him. I uploaded to Dropbox.

    here is the link. Thanks.

  • Someone relayed this info to me:

    Pages 1-10 and 19-33 of the notebook are all about Screeps. He's planning out the code he wants to write: what creeps roles he's going to have, what his rooms are going to do at different levels. I've got a notebook exactly like this myself from when I first started playing. This is all very normal stuff for anyone playing Screeps. He's even planning to automate the layout of his rooms, which is pretty advanced (maybe only 5-10% of Screeps players have code to do this). He definitely knows how to program and is pretty good at it. All his notes about his plans in the game are very coherent and lucid--nothing at all unusual that I see.

  • Hey, I scanned through the notes, and see some variable names, like "energy_cost_total" and "energy_surplus_per_tick". I tried searching these in github (publicly available code), but didn't come up with anything. Maybe the game developers have a mechanism to search through all of the player code on the site?

    Other observation: On the 3rd sheet of page 2, "ben" has an RCL8 room layout drawn up, with a V of 6 towers on the top (3 on the left and 3 on the right) with spawns, terminal, and storage right behind. He then has all the extensions down below, with a lane of road going North/South starting under the storage and dividing the extensions. There are a few road diagonals cutting through the extensions as well. Are there any room history snapshots from that time? (3+ years ago) This also may be a question for the game devs. That room layout is very specific and unless it is copied it's likely to be unique, assuming he used it.

  • Following up on this, it's reasonably likely the code is stored in github (owned by Microsoft) privately if not publicly, in which case I would ask them to search for the class names on page 19: HaulerManager, RoadManager, TripPlanner, WallManager, LabManager, BuildManager, Diplomacy, RoomLayoutStaticManager, RoomReservedManager ...

  • I don't have a ton more information than you but I wanted to do a brandump while I'm thinking about it. It may even help you to understand the structure, even if parts of it are opaque to me.

    The information you uploaded is on a variety of subjects, some screeps and some not. Keeping these types of notebooks is a habit common to engineering professions.


    You seem to have 2 notebooks here. PDF pages 1-10 are of a small, top-bound notebook, whereas 11-40 are from a larger, side-bound notebook. I will use the PDF numbering below:

    small notebook

    • 1 These 4 pages, with the possible exception of the lower left, seem screeps-related.
    • 2 Seems screeps-related, although a bit opaque. The bottom-right seems to be a room layout. Perhaps someone here would have more to say about it.
    • 3 & 4 - This is non-screeps information. It appears to be some other RPG game, terminology is generic
    • 5 The top, upsidedown page is definitely screeps-related. I can't positively identify the purpose of the code on the bottom page.
    • 6 The top, upsidedown page is a continuation of the listing from 5. The bottom page has to do with some other RPG game, possibly the one on page 3&4.
    • 7-10 Seems screeps-related

    large notebook

    • 11 - This appears to be a table of contents for the large notebook. Each number in the listing is a section, which then appears on the pages themselves in section - pagenumber format.
    • 12-15 This is the section on p2p.bak. Although not screeps-related, I can characterize it pretty confidently as some kind of design for a network protocol. As best as I can make out, you would use this to back up data to a variety of other computers in some kind of distributed peer-to-peer fashion. One interpretation is that this is supposed to be a blockchain protocol. The design for this seems to be very preliminary and I doubt it is referencing any actual implemented protocol, it may be more recreational or more of a fun excercise.
    • 16 This is the section on BLL. I am not sure what to make of this section other than it groups computer science topics under two very vague headings. I might see something like this as course notes for a very introductory class.
    • 17-18 This is the "Balanced Nutrion Foods" section. This appears to be a comparison of different waffles and their nutritional profile, mixed in with some notes about how they came out. I have made things like this section before when I was trying to evaluate which brand of food to buy as a dietary staple. I'm not totally sure I understand all the variations though, I don't know of any food that comes in "High Protein", "Super High Protein" and "Extreme Protein" variations for example.
    • 19-33 Screeps section, screeps related. More info below
    • 34-40 - This is the "nanites guild" section. This is not screeps related, and appears to describe some other multiplayer game or RPG. I'm not aware of any game like this, it may be an original design.

    Note that the "Algae Pool", "Roach Motel" and "Player Stock Market" sections appear to be missing.


    There are a couple of things that stand out to me here. As others mentioned, room planning is unusual and typically associated with high levels of play.

    PDF page 19 appears to have a list of classes. I searched the public internet and was not able to turn up any code that corresponds well with this list. In a game like this, some people people will inevitably name their things alike so you will find a few matches for most names, but nothing more similar than that. That said, people don't necessarily publish their code, so an admin might be able to work from this and identify your person. I believe that's your best bet.

    However, the overall impression I get – and this may be controversial – is that this person may not have played much. Room planning is a very advanced strategy, that you would normally do after you have an AI that is working well already (I do not, lol). But there is planning for early game mixed in here too, it reads a little like a person who hasn't figured out where to start and is picking topics at random. There is also a popular open-source AI that does roomplanning so a new player may just be copying that approach.

    Something else very strange to me is how many details are written out into the notebook. It is my habit to draw little diagrams and such when I'm working on code, but they are sparse – the notebook next to me has 4 circles on the open page. Programmers usually complain about coding on whiteboards without a compiler to check their work but there are pages and pages of code handwritten in here, corrections, lines inserted between each other, etc. Plus, pages and pages of specification, without linebreaks and not even written in a way that would be easy to implement in an organized way later on.

    These notebooks seem to have been used as a primary, not accessory tool. The only reason I can think of is to work on the problem when computers are not easily accessible – perhaps hiking is that situation, I don't know. Even then, it seems like this person was not working in a format that would be efficient to take their work online again.

  • @root-kontot Thanks, you put a lot of effort into this. Most of it goes over my head, and I'm simply looking for the "will any of this help identify him" angle, but this may help toward a greater good. You mentioned the sheer amount of notes and that's what struck me. This was a guy who was obviously skilled and interested in this subject, but was seemingly free from technology (from what we can tell) for over a year.

  • Hey all, you may or may not have seen the article on this man in Wired. That wasn't the one I wrote but it was very well done. Anyone have any intel on a user named TicTac? He was very active in the fall of 16 and early spring of 2017

  • Wow. Wired is so much worse than I remember! 😂

    Which article in particular is it? Can you provide a link?

  • @jnark Can find his profile with that username here: https://screeps.com/a/#!/profile/TicTac. Also links to his Steam profile but that's private.

    Looks like he was only active on the main game world October/November 2016.