Screeps client -> visualization of room stucks

  • Hi, many thanks for the support of the last support requests, Especially JBYoshi 🙂

    Currently, I'm working more in a private server to improve my bot, before I put everything online.

    I'm starting the Screeps UI to follow the bot activity. But the UI stucks, if I interact with the UI, when:

    • Zooming the UI
    • switching between rooms
    • moving the display viewport of a room
    • moving the UI from one monitor to another

    sometimes, the UI will stuck completly, sometime the UI is still reactively, but the area where a room should be displayed keeps black.

    My System:
    Alienware Area 51 R2

    • I7, 32 GB RAM
    • 3x GeForce GTX 970
    • 3x Ultra HD Monitors (3840x 2160)

    I can reproduce it on any share of the public server as well.
    I found out, that displaying the metrix in the settings of the UI will aggravate this.
    Is it possible to fix this ?

    I'm willing to provide all necessary informations to help. TeamViewer is also possible. Just contact me.

    Many thanks, Chuck