Questions about recycling

  • A few questions about recycling of creep mechanics.

    • If I recycle a creep that has more recycle value than what can be held by the spawn, where does the extra energy go? To neighboring structures? Dropped at creeps feet? Lost?

    • Assuming neighboring structures (spawns, extensions, etc.) what happens if they are all full?

    • Can I recycle a creep that is on top of a spawn (can I even move a creep onto a structure like that?)

    • Another general question: If energy is dropped onto a full container of some sort, does it end up as a seperate dropped_energy instance? If so, what happens if the container now has space and the dropped_energy is still there? Does it auto fill, or does it remain as dropped_energy?

    Many thanx in advance.

  • The resources drop to the ground in the form of a tombstone, same as a regular creep death. It will drop into a container if there is one there.


  • Ah, now I understand. Thank you.