Changing Script location for Steam Client [Windows]

  • Looking to find how I can change the location of the script directory. So far I can't find any screeps' settings file for the steam client

    Currently my script location is C:\Users\Neal\AppData\Local\Screeps\scripts\\default

    The best I can determine is that the Steam client is using the environmental variable "LOCALAPPDATA".

    I want to move it another location. Thanks

  • I think other programs are using "LOCALAPPDATA" environment variable too. so not goo idea to chnage it. what you can do is replace screeps folder with symbolic link. I did that for few programs since I installed SSD into my PC setup.

    Symlink on windows can be created by opening cmd and execution command:

    mklink /j "c:\mklink" "d:\mkfolder"

    Sure replace path location with yours.