Switching shards doesn't update all UI elements properly

  • 0_1565652976566_849280e0-582b-4162-b913-07c16b6f8a7e-image.png

    1. view a highway portal room on shard2
    2. click a portal to shard1 and view the linked room.
    3. mouse-over a room on the minimap (minimap is correctly rendering shard1 rooms)
    4. observe that the link to the room on the minimap goes to a room on shard2, not shard1.

    This screenshot shows in the top right that we're viewing a room on shard1, the bottom left room in the minimap is moused-over, and you can you see in the bottom left of the screenshot that a shard2 room is linked, not a shard1 room, even though the minimap is rendering the correct shard1 rooms.