New Arena Style Competition - Energy and Power

  • With the advent of power creeps, I'd like to propose a new Arena style competition. This will be pure screeps on screeps combat.

    Contestants get X amount of energy and processed power. With those constraints and 50 cpu allocation they can spawn whatever forces they would like. They have a 1v1 combat with their army vs another player. Tournament bracket style with players able to change their unit composition between matches.

    Rooms with be from a selection of 2 source rooms with a variety of layouts. Dense walls, swamps, and open rooms will available and players can ban 1 that they don't want to play on.

    Initially this will be a custom server mod to spawn in creeps. Something along the lines of spawn time of zero and spawn energy is limited and can't be refilled. The advantage is it would be relatively little code to compete, as its purely military creep combat code with no considerations for CPU. I'm hoping we'll be able to see more advanced combat mechanics and great highlights.

    Furthermore, I think it would be a great breeding ground for some cutting edge power creep tactics and a great chance to show off the cool work @artch and his team have been putting into it.