One year anniversary of #botarena - Special round with credit prizes

  • To whom it may concern,

    the next round of #botarena will start on 14th of September. This marks the one year anniversary since the tournament started.

    Botarena is a championship for fully automated AIs. The console is disabled from start and, after the first 24h, code update is also disabled.

    Further details can be read here:

    To make this round extra interesting, the following prizes will be awarded:

    • 1st place - 1 000k (aka 1m) credits
    • 2nd place - 500k credits
    • 3rd to 5th place - 100k credits

    If you would like to participate or observe, you are welcome to join us on #botarena slack.

    Your inactive warlord

    PS: Anyone willing to write an article on the championship outcome will get a reward of up to 500k(depending on quality) from me.


  • @Atavus Great idea, thanks for driving this! I highly recommend people tune in to watch, I run the server as fast as possible so in the beginning it'll run at multiple ticks a second. Very fun to watch the bots autoexpand at great speed.