World wide tournament

  • I played a game a long time ago which had a big world. In this big world every quadrant (+/+,-/-,+/-,-/+) had 1-2 big alliances which tried to win the world.

    What happens is that in the end of the world every alliance gets to build its Miracle at the middle of the map (0/0). Whichever manages to do so and gather resources from everywhere else on the map gets to win.

    My proposal is to make a tournament where you have Temple rooms (a term used by the community for rooms used for praising GCL)

    In the center of the server in 1 sector you have these rooms and whichever alliance gets to them to control them and defend them and then get to GCL50 wins

    To implement this you need a new server like the MMO one which has 20-30 sectors (something like screeps+ lets say)

    And from any other shard on the MMO server players can get to this server via portals which will open in the middle of every sector in the MMO world

    So this means that for 2-3 months or less (you decide) players from all around the MMO server (any shard) can gather in alliances (which already exist) and send resources to this Tournament world to try and conquer it all.

    The shards on MMO will still be the same with the only added difference would be these portals.

    That tournament world will have the following benefits

    • Easy to make and maintain(basically its screeps+ with a few rooms which have no RCL8 upgrade limit and no safemodes)

    • It will give players seasonal shards as it will reset every year or whatever timing you want (something like seasons in other games)

    • It will make the MMO server important again as some players just run private servers or play on #botarena #screepsplus and #swc not caring for MMO as it is stagnating.

    • It will bring back meaning to alliances

    As mentioned - the costs are small for maintaining as the size wont be that big.

    I am willing to sponsor such idea by paying to be implemented as a donation and I think that other people might do this as well.

    Screeps community is already sustaining #swc #botarena and #screepsplus so I am sure that people connected with those will be happy to help for the making and sustaining of this project.

    And it will make a lot of old players happy till Arena mode comes along as well as Power creeps

    Also - the portals made for this mode might be used later for connection to some Arena modes