Cool-down inconsistency

  • I noticed today that the cooldown on the mineral extractor is not 5 ticks as advertised but is actually 6 ticks. The tick after I harvest the cooldown is 5, then it counts down to 0 before I am allowed to harvest again.

    Initially I thought this was a bug in my code, but looking at other peoples bots and chatting to other players this seems to be the way it is.

    There are some other cooldowns that are not as advertised as expected. structure decay happens 1 tick earlier than expected. E.g. roads decay every 999 ticks.

    Lab cooldowns seem to be as advertised, although some of the documentation needs updating.

    Is this a known issue? Its not exactly game breaking, but mineral harvesting being 20% slower than expected is non trivial.

  • Yes, this is bugging me for a long time now, too. Thanks for posting this 🙂

    A mineral extractor should be harvestable every 5 ticks or we should change the documentation to 6 seconds. One could argue that harvesting every 6 ticks in valid with a 5 tick cooldown. But labs, for example, can react every 10 ticks for a 10 tick cooldown reaction.

    Consistency in any way would be fine, really.