ReferenceError: FIND_TOMBSTONES is not defined

  • I wanted to test some code changes on the PTR, but I keep getting this error with just my main code:

    ReferenceError: FIND_TOMBSTONES is not defined
        at Object.addTasks (room:29:15)
        at Object.module.exports.loop (main:68:19)
        at __mainLoop:1:52
        at __mainLoop:2:3
        at Object.exports.evalCode (<runtime>:152:76)
        at (<runtime>:30136:24)

    The exact same code works perfectly fine on the main realm. What's going on?

  • After a bit of analysis, it appears that the PTR common module is stuck on an old commit, judging by the fact that CONTROLLER_DOWNGRADE_RESTORE is defined but FIND_TOMBSTONES is not. However, it does have updated versions of the other modules; Tombstone is available in the global namespace.


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