Disappearing files that start with $

  • A bunch of my files follow the same pattern, so I decided to create a template that I could simply copy and paste whenever I wanted a new file. In order to keep it at the top of my file list, I prefixed the name with $. No errors appeared while creating the file in the in-game editor (an error does appear when typing /, for example), so I assumed it would work. However, when I committed the code, the file disappeared from the in-game editor. It does exist in the local folder, however.

    Shard: 1

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Create a file whose name starts with $
    • Commit your changes

    What I expected: Either the name turns red and the file cannot be created, or the file remains in the list

    What actually happened: The file is created, but disappears from the in-game list once committed

    Environment: Steam client, macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

    Extra notes:

    • This issue does not appear with other characters, or when placing the $ in the middle of the name.